NPM event-stream incident

There has been a security issue with npm package event-stream What happened? Original issue: dominictarr/event-stream#116 (comment) Semantic issue: Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI#6687 The library dependency flatmap-stream of event-stream which is used by some popular packages (e.g. nodemon) had a malicious code in it. That code try to steal crypto currencies, so if we are not saving them or mining we should not have any problem, however […]

Chrome Sync sign in whith Gmail or Youtube

This issue began 2 months ago with an update and Google replied that it is an “intended behavior”. Since I think that other people doesnt like it, just let you know that you can disable it following these steps: Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security Disable “Allow Chrome sign-in” Previously you must disable the flag chrome://flags/#account-consistency, but […]

CentOS 6.7 multiple PHP versions OVH Release 3

If you have an OVH Server with CentOS Release 3, you could want to use in some website a new PHP version than PHP 5.3.3 which is included on this Linux distribution. Here you can see how to install PHP 5.6 working together with PHP 5.3.3.

Fixing homebrew permissions

Trying to install something using Homebrew you got the following error

Are you wondering how to fix it?

Setting SPF Record

SPF Record is becoming more important because some of the most used mail servers like Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, … are making use of this value to filter the mails as SPAM. When you set it, you must be careful. If you don’t set it properly your emails may not accept. Don’t worry about, we are going to […]